Life and Career Coaching for people in their 20s and 30s

Welcome to Mind The Gap Coaching

We’re a team of certified Life Coaches and millennial/quarter-life experts based in London.

We boost confidence, create focus and clarity (so you know what you want and what to do). We dispel negativity and support you in building a meaningful career and adult life.

And you?

You’re a bright young professional in your 20s or 30s with ambitions. You have hopes and dreams for the future, e.g. that you want to do meaningful work that allows you to pay your bills and feel rewarded.

But you are stuck in limbo. You’re caught in a spiral of negativity, struck by a quarter-life and/or career crisis and you seem to help everyone else with their life before helping yourself.

We can help you to see through the fog thanks to a potent combination of deep inner work, fun future planning and connecting you to a powerful community of fellow millennials that support and challenge each other to step up and out into a fulfilled adult life.

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